Betsy's Busy Summer! Posted on 6 Jun 17:26 , 0 comments

Hi Guys!

It's been a few months since I posted on my blog. I have been so busy with work and my latest product Claude's Calm Balm All Natural Pain Reliever and of course all my Naturally Betsy products!  I am finally off work and can catch my breath!

Summer is finally here!!!! I LOVE Summer! I am lucky enough to get the whole summer off work!  I get to catch up on all the things I don't do during the year. I've been off 1 1/2 weeks so far this summer.

 I put my new bedspread on the bed (kind of like my old one but no holes).

It's been in the closet for 6 months  (I told you I've been busy!)

I cleaned out and planted succulents in my front planter and around the bird bath!

Got my front porch cushions all cleaned up and summer decorations set out! I love to sit out on my porch swing at night and watch my flag and listen to music!

I've gotten the craft room cleaned up. It's got to be re-designed, but I had to be able to walk into it first!

I've gotten my patio all ready for visitors and those beautiful summer nights!

I've gotten my party table all set up and ready for the tons of parties coming up!

And I got my birthday present from Perry, two fruit trees (Pluot & Apricot) planted in the chicken coop!

The chickens just love them and so do I!!

I hope you get to enjoy your summer! I'll be posting as I do more fun things!

p.s. my list is still a mile long...