My obsession with cabbage continues... Posted on 22 Jan 20:20 , 0 comments

As you all know I'm obsessed with cabbage. I love it so much and it's so good for you! It's full of vitamins and minerals. Anyways, one of the things I like to make with cabbage is cabbage rolls or stuffed cabbage or Golumpki as some people call it. It's a little time consuming but soooo worth it.

Here's we go...

First get a couple of nice heads of cabbage and wash. Put whole head 

into a pot of boiling water and cover with lid. (I use a steamer basket). Let cook for about 10 minutes. When done remove from pot and put onto a towel to drain.

While that is cooking, add 2 lbs of ground beef, 3 eggs (beaten) a sleeve of saltines (crushed) 1 cup of cooked rice (luckily we had Chinese Food the night before and had some left over rice),  1/2 cup ketchup, one diced onion, salt and pepper to your bowl and mix well with your hands. Don't be a scaredy cat! It's fun! Just make sure you wash your hand when your done!

Should look like this...

Next line your pan or pot with 3-4 pieces of bacon.

Now your cabbage is probably ready to come out of the pot, use tongs, don't be a hero! This baby is hot!! Put on a towel or paper towels. The leaves on the outside should be soft enough to peel off and try to keep in one piece. I like to take the core out, it makes it easier to peel.

Once you have your leaf ready fold in half and cut out the core, it's tough and stringy.

Then cut your leaf in half. I like a lot of cabbage so I make my Cabbage Rolls on the small side.

Now you want them all a similar size so I channel my inner Martha Stewart and use a small ice cream scooper to add the meat. It's about a heaping tablespoon.

Then roll it like a burrito! And place in your pan or pot. I use my LeCreuset Dutch oven because I make a ton so I can share with everyone in my family. You can use a pyrex baking dish too!

Once you've your first layer done, I like to add extra cabbage leaves and add 4 more slices of bacon.

Now do your next layer the exact same way. Keep going until your pan is full and your meat is gone which ever comes first. You might have to steam another head of cabbage if you run out. I always use 2 heads.

Now take your tomato sauce and add 2 Tbs. of sugar and 1 Tbs. of Vinegar and mix well and pour over your rolls.

Put on lid or cover with foil and put in oven at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on how much you make. I do 2 hours for the amount I made. If you make less and use a Pyrex baking dish 1 1/2 hours should do it and don't forget to cover with foil if you don't have a lid.

Here's what it looks like when it's done. These are some melt in your mouth Cabbage Rolls. You can serve with mashed potatoes. Delish!!

p.s. the left overs are out of this world....