Pilgrims and Cornstalks and Crows! Oh my! Posted on 3 Nov 10:41 , 0 comments

Well the Halloween decorations are put away and the Thanksgiving/Harvest decorations are in full swing! Now I used to call my Thanksgiving decorations weak, you know not my strong point. Well this year that all changed.  I'm having a brunch on Saturday at my house for a bunch of girls I went to high school with. So I had to step up my game!! I had most of the stuff but I needed to jazz it up a little more. So I went to Hobby Lobby!! OMG!! That place is awesome! It's like Home Goods meets JoAnn's. Any ways that's where I got this adorable picture.

So I thought it would be fun to show you my Harvest/Thanksgiving decorations. So here we go. Here is my fireplace. I really got my "crow" on this year!

I found this picture. Isn't it perfect! Looks so 70's!

Then I brought in all my pumpkins from outside and decorated the mantel and added some cute little crows! Put some fall foliage around and a few sunflowers.  I think it turned out so cute!

Then I added a few more crows to the stairs! Thanks Martha Stewart!

I even have a crow weathervane!

Now here come the turkeys and the pilgrims!

 And I got those plates from, wait for it...Hobby Lobby!

I put these little vintage Gurley pilgrim candles out every year! I love their little faces!

This is also where I put one of my favorite turkeys! It's from my grandson Jacob from when he was in Kindergarden. It's made from a pinecone and a walnut. It's one I truly treasure! Oh and that's me and my brother at Knott's Berry Farm in the black and white picture.

On my coffee table I put a real pumpkin and scatter some fall leaves around.

On the shelf below I put my vintage nut bowl that my friend Sandy gave me. Sandy passed away in 2013. Hi Sandy I miss you and think about you every day!

On my shelf I put some paper pilgrims, a vintage plate and some vintage turkeys.

Then on my piano my cute turkey, some real pumpkins and my pilgrims. I also have some vintage turkeys too!

I found this book! How could I resist? It's so me!! Who knew the Bobbsey Twins went to Pilgrim Rock?

Here I have a cornucopia, more vintage turkeys!

Every year I hang this picture my great Aunt Tressie made. She's up there with Sandy. Hi Aunt Tressie, I love you and miss you!

Then in the kitchen I have to keep it simple because I'm always in there making stuff. But I did find this cute pumpkin tureen at Cost Plus.


For my table I got this green gingham table cloth and these cute place mats! Oh and that's the pumpkin I grew in my garden!

I thought these were super cute, I got them at Walmart!

Now for the family room! My mom gave that Happy Thanksgiving picture and it fits perfectly!

I printed this out and put it in a frame, I couldn't resist it was so cute!

And this is a watercolor my grand daughter Rosie made for me. That girl has talent!

and here's my darling pillow... which I got at....Hobby Lobby!

And this is one of my favorite turkeys of all time. Made for me by my grand daughter Iris.  She did a good job! What a treasure!

Even the bathroom got a little makeover...

I even put little pumpkins in all my little red chairs. I know I'm getting carried away! But I can't help it.


Now lets go out front..

I love my cornstalks.  And take a look at the crows I added...

They look real!! Watch out Tippi Hedren!

And here is my new welcome mat...from Hobby Lobby! I warned you everything there was really cute!

Oh here's one of my favorite Thanksgiving pictures.

I want you to know that I'm thankful for you and hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



p.s. I hope the girls at the brunch like it!