Peaches and Pears and Lilacs! Oh my! Posted on 20 Aug 15:40 , 1 comment


Every year in the middle of August I make peach jam for my family to eat and to give away at Christmas. I always go to Blum Ranch out in Acton, California to get my peaches. I love to go there. The air is so clean and they have the best peaches I've ever eaten. Plus it's old and cute and right up my alley and I love supporting their business. Click here to see how cute it is for yourself... It's over 110 years old. I make at least two trips a year. Once in spring for the Lilacs (they have lilac orchards and you can buy a super huge bouquet, and I do mean huge, it's like 3 feet tall. for $18.00) and then in the middle of August for peaches, pears and what ever else sounds good.

It's out in the middle of no where, about 4-5 miles from the Santiago off ramp on the14 Freeway going towards Palmdale/Lancaster. When you get there you drive on a little dirt road, through the orchard to get to the building where they sell the peaches, pears, tomatoes, honey, jams and jellies and depending on what's in season, lots of other good stuff. His cantaloupe is so amazing.  You can stroll through the orchards, sit on the tractors and take pictures. You just can't pick the fruit unless it's the figs. They let us pick the figs for a dollar a pound last time we were there.

Not very fancy, but full of character and charm. I love it. When you get there you're greeted by Ray Billet and his wife Elizabeth.

She was Miss Acton in 1952. In 1953 Elizabeth married her high school sweetheart, Ray. They were blessed with 3 children: Richard, Terry, and Donald, plus 5 grandchildren, Daniel, Joseph, Kimberly,Michiko, and George, the 5th generation. Since late 1953, they have continued working the ranch with about 60 acres planted: 1,000 pear trees, 5,500 peaches with 3,000 of those Blum's Beauty that Ray developed, and 4 acres of lilacs. They are continuing a family tradition started in 1891, over 110 years ago.

This is Ray yesterday posing for me. Dig those crazy red suspenders and that red hat!

And this is Elizabeth when she was Miss Acton 1952.

They live right next door in an old stone covered, two-story house, surrounded by giant pine trees, that is 110 years old. Peach and pear orchards on one side, lilac orchards on the other. Little dirt paths lined with old rock walls every where. Can you imagine how great that would be. Throw in some chickens and it would be my dream come true! Ray told me the inside is beautiful. Maybe one day he'll invite me in! Finger's crossed!! I'm putting that on my bucket list.

They even have their own water tower and lots of tractors.

So if you're ever in the area of Acton, California be sure to stop by and get some peaches or lilacs and say "Hello" to Ray and his wife Elizabeth! You won't be sorry.

p.s. I almost for got to show you the peaches I got. Aren't the beauties! Oh, I ate that one missing out of the middle, on the way home, I couldn't wait and it was juicy, sweet and delicious!