Cinnamon Brooms... Where have you been all my life? Posted on 13 Oct 18:55 , 1 comment

Ok, so last week I went into Home Depot to get some bird seed for my spoiled little Gold Finches. When I walked through the door it hit me...the smell of cinnamon! I LOVE cinnamon and I was so excited. Now it wasn't the usual cinnamon pine cones it was cinnamon brooms! Oh man!!! I couldn't get them in my basket fast enough! So, I bring them home and hang them on the posts by the front door. Hmmmm... my brain starts thinking "they look kinda plain, I think you need to jazz them up a little (or a lot) it told myself. So I put on my thinking cap and came up with an idea.  I needed some leaves, pine cones and acorns.  Now I see these things on my morning walk, so I started dragging them home and pretty soon I had enough to start my project of making my cinnamon brooms cute! I want you to make yours cute too, so here's what I did, oh and do it outside because it's kind of messy...

You need a cinnamon broom (Home Depot), some leaves, I did both real and fake. JoAnne's has their Fall decorations on sale for 60% off, some ribbon (Got regular ribbon at Costco and the mesh at 99 cent store), some pine cones (those are real), some acorns (JoAnne's) (I used fake because my real ones are kinda skinny) and some cinnamon sticks. Also wire cutters, scissors and a glue gun a tons of glue sticks. And yes I know my glue gun dish is a nightmare, isn't everybody's?

Here's the cinnamon broom, just fan it out. Doesn't it smell divine!!

Get your ribbon and start your bow, but wait! This next step is a game changer

I found this meshy, sparkley, orange ribbon at the 99 cent store and I LOVE it!!! It doesn't look like much but it takes your bow the the next level. It's like your bow has "Puff Sleeves" (just like in Anne of Green Gables.) Oh man, I can't wait to get the red mesh ribbon at Christmas. Watch out, all my Christmas bows are gonna have "Puff Sleeves."

Now take this mesh ribbon and make a loop and pinch it in the middle. You can secure it with a little wire or string and glue it to the middle of the unstarted bow. The glue was so hot I was using the acorn to press it and hold it til the glue dried.

Now finish tying your bow and it should look similar to this. Cute, right? 

Now get your leaves ready. You can use real or fake or both. Glue the leaves on.

I do the fake ones first

Then weave in the real ones. Don't press to hard because these break real easy.

Now it's time for the acorns. Cut the acorns off the wire. If you have cute real acorns use those (and I'm jealous!!)

I like 2 but you can do more if you want.

Now I add a pine cone at the top. Looks cute!

Then I found these in my pantry... so why not?

So I glued them between the leaves.

Here is the finished product. Isn't it cute!

I made two and hung them on the posts by the front door. Now my front porch smells just like Fall

p.s. They are super cute, easy and fun to make. I already went back to Home Depot and bought 5 more and have given them away as gifts. I know, out of control.

Happy Halloween!