Trick or Treat! Smell my feet... Posted on 7 Oct 21:03 , 3 comments

I LOVE decorating my house and have been collecting decorations my whole life.  I decorate for almost every holiday. Luckily my house has an attic that you can walk around in, so I have a good place to store all my valuable stuff.  I try to buy a couple new decorations every year and as you can see I have quite a collection. Halloween is one of my favorites. Every morning when I come down stairs, I love seeing all the jack-o-lanterns smiling at me and I love the warm happy colors. They makes me feel so good!  I go for a vintage, pretty look, nothing scary or gross.  I love vintage, but it's hard to find.  So I mix vintage with new and here's what it looks like. 

This is my fire place. It's the focal point of my living room. It's been so hot here in So. Cal that I can't light a fire, so I have twinkle lights scattered among the logs. My pumpkin garland is made of paper mache with leaves intertwined. I love my vintage looking witch and my vintage black cats.

Between my two chairs I have this beautiful old dresser. My friend Dixie gave me her mother's Halloween decoration and that's where I got those great Halloween plates!

And on my little shelf are more of the vintage decorations from my friend Dixie's mother. Dixie knows how much I like to decorate and thought it would make her mother happy that her decorations went to a good home where they are loved and appreciated. They are all so darling, from the 1940's and 50's. They are so me!!  I LOVE them. I was speechless when she gave them to me. I almost cried!

On my end table I have a witch and some old noise makers from Dixie's mother.

On my coffee table I have some cute pumpkins and some more old noise makers from Dixie's mother.

On the bottom shelf I have some personalized Halloween script covers from the show. My friend Huck is an amazing artist and every year he customizes our script covers for special occasions.

I put a pretty little pumpkin garland on my stair rails for a good pop of color and wreaths on my doors.


I found these adorable little black mice silhouettes from Martha Stewart! I mean come on, aren't they awesome!

In my piano room I put an old Beistle garland around my mirror and this is where all my owls go! I got that cute black owl at Cost Plus this year for $12.00. I put a light inside so he glows at night.

Still in my piano room on the other wall is my vintage little cat with a pumpkin on top and my vintage cookie cutters that were also Dixie's mothers.

My kitchen is in constant use so I have to keep it simple. That pumpkin crock was $20 at Cost Plus this year and it looks perfect on my vintage stove. And I love my vintage pumpkin spice tin.

I LOVE string. And found these little Halloween figures on tooth picks and stuck them in my string collection. I think it works!

On my table I just put my cute black scale and a pumpkin from my garden.

My chalk board has pictures of me, my husband and my kids and grandkids all at Halloween.

In my family room I just put a few things in there. I have to keep it kid friendly.

Let's go outside...

I always go to Forneir's Farm to get cornstalks and pumpkins to decorate my front porch for Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's such a great place to go. They have a pumpkin patch and rides for the kids too! It's also where I go and get my corn every year. 

When I went to Home Depot last Saturday to get my snap dragons I found this witch. I had to have her she was calling my name! Isn't she so cute and she lights up too!! My husband couldn't wait to climb on the roof and put her up. He's such a good sport!!

I put real and fake pumpkins all around my porch. I planted some pretty snap dragons. I like them because the last all winter!

And last but not least is my bird bath. I planted yellow and orange Marigolds around the bottom!

Thanks for coming by and seeing my house! Happy Halloween!!