Freezer Corn Posted on 6 Aug 19:04 , 4 comments

Since corn season is in full swing, I thought I'd share one of my summer traditions. I love corn and I use it all year long, in my stews, soups and just to eat at dinner. I am picky about where I get my fresh organic corn. I only go to one place and that is a little corn stand in the San Fernando Valley called Fourneris. Here's their link, so you can see how cute it is.  I've been going there almost my whole life. It's not exactly close to my house but they have the best corn I've ever tasted and of course it's non-GMO. Several years ago I started freezing their corn so I could have it all year round. I always do it at this time of the year when the corn is sweet and tender.  I thought I'd share with you, how I do it, so you could do it too!

You'll need a large pot filled with water, a bowl filled with water and ice. A bundt pan and a corn zipper (I LOVE THIS TOOL. Purchased at Williams Sonoma for $12ish.) or a sharp knife and a pair of tongs. It's a little splashy, so I cover my counters with towels and I put tarps on my floor for easy clean up.

First get a case of corn which is about 50 ears. Shuck the corn and wash.

Then put several ears in the pot boiling water for two minutes.

Then immediately put into the bowl of ice water and let cool.


When cool, place corn into center of bundt pan and cut with Corn zipper or knife. The corn will fall into the pan.

When the pan gets full, put it into small snack size Ziploc bags.  The snack size bags hold about a cup of corn. It is the perfect size for my family.

Repeat til all the corn is cut and in the bags. The yield is about 35 to 40 bags of corn. Put into your freezer and now you'll have great tasting organic corn all winter!

Now go to your favorite farm stand or Farmer's Market and get your fresh, organic corn and give it a try. You won't be sorry!

My favorite way to prepare it is to defrost the corn and put into a pan with 1/2 to 1 cup of cream bring to a simmer, stir, a pat of butter, a sprinkle of sugar and salt and pepper. It is delicious.

 p.s. I couldn't resist eating a piece after I was done with my favorite Kerrygold Butter from Ireland. It is delicious!