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Steve Margolis has a very smart & very funny blog and recently discovered Naturally Betsy, thanks to his wife Nancy and gave us a big shout out!

Here's what he said:

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog entry about cosmetics and all the wonderfully disgusting things that go into making them.

There was one bright spot though- I mentioned a website called Naturally Betsy, that makes face and body care products from all-natural ingredients.

I received quite a few comments and emails about the site and decided to try out some of their offerings.

Now, since I don’t use any type of skin care products, I asked my wife to try them out and give me the results.

My wife has perfect skin, She uses moisturizers, wears sunscreen, and eats a proper diet- basically the polar opposite of what I do. So she tried some of the Naturally Betsy products, and here’s the review she gave me:

Bug Off – I spray this on before filling the bird feeders and birdbaths in the morning (dawn) and before walking the dogs in the evening (dusk) to stay bite free. It really does the job.

 Clean as a Whistle – a good cleaner that I’ve been using on my kitchen counters.  A little goes a long way.  The vinegar smell reminds me of when we used to decorate Easter eggs in the old days.   

 Be Fresh in Sandalwood – I’m calling this “magic in a jar”!  A wonderful all-natural deodorant which is both effective and smells amazing!  I love how it disappears on my skin and doesn’t leave any marks on my clothes.  Absolutely fantastic product!

 Happy Lips – great for my dry summer lips.  I’d recommend one tube for your purse, beach tote or backpack and a second for the nightstand for use just before bedtime.  The lavender scent  is great.   

 Fresh Hands – my bottle of Fresh Hands came to the office with me and lives on my desk.  I love the scent and it’s great aromatherapy for the afternoon hours when I need a pick-me-up or to freshen my hands.

 Happy Heels – Didn’t get a chance to try this for myself…my sister-in-law, the shoe-lover, saw it in my Naturally Betsy bag and her eyes lit up, so I gave it to her and she says it works great.  I’ll need to pick up one of these in my next order.

So there you have it. It passed the Nancy test.

All of my readers (the three of you) should check out the site.

It sounds like it’s the real deal, so I’m recommending it.