"V" is for Valentines Day! Posted on 4 Feb 20:32 , 1 comment

It's almost Valentines Day. It's one of my favorite holidays!  I mean, who doesn't love pink and red hearts? They look so cute in my house, so of course you know I'm gonna love it. I have hearts all over my house year round. On my mantle I have this vintage picture of two children holding a Valentine! It couldn't be more perfect!

And my friend Carolyn gave me the "sugar cookie" garland. Finished off by my grandkids pictures in little red frames!

I like to add in a few more red books to the mix. Sing Me A Love Song is perfect for Valentine's Day!

I found this cute punch-out book of Valentines on line at Amazon last year.

The valentines are even flocked! HOW CUTE is that!!!

I especially love the vintage valentines and have been collecting them for years. Here are some valentines and their original envelopes scattered on my living room coffee table. Of course I have my "I LOVE LUCY" book on the shelf beneath, it fits right in.

In the red heart frame  are my beautiful daughters. In the little green heart is my best friend Sandy. She passed away 2 years ago. I always keep her picture close by. She was like a sister to me. I miss her so much. Happy Valentine's Day Sandy!  The vintage candy box was given to me by Drue Madrid. It belonged to her mother and she knew I would treasure it always.

More vintage cards and my Valentine, my husband Perry!

More vintage Valentines from my collection on my piano...

 A cute Valentines plate I propped up...

My mom brought this over last night! Isn't it the cutest thing ever! "B" is for Betsy!!! I even looked like that when I was little. This is staying out all year for sure!!

My family room! Even Mickey gets a Valentine.

I filled this jar with Conversation hearts and added a heart scoop! 

This jar used to contain pink, white and red M&M's. It looked super cute but I had to throw them away because I couldn't stop eating them. They were sooooo good! It will have to remain empty until I can learn to control my self.

Cute little picture with red hearts...

In my bathroom. I actually keep this up most of the year. My friend made it for me and I love the saying!

A paper mache heart the grandkids made for me, of course one of my treasured pieces!

Red heart carved stone candle holder...

I had to have this soap! So perfect for Valentines Day!

These are part of my collection of heart shaped rocks.

I hope you all have a heart-filled Happy Valentine's Day and get to be with the ones you love.

Love from the bottom of my heart!